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The best built hot tub today-Bullfrog Spas

Hot Tub Place of Sacramento- Bullfrog spas

      Bullfrog spas, the ONLY hot tub with Jetpaks. Here's what you get!

             FEATURES                                                          ADVANTAGES                                                           BENEFITS

                          Jetpaks                                      Ability to pick the hydrotherapy jets you want                         You design your hot tub

            Interchangeable seats                            Move your favorite jets to your favorite seats                Hit that exact spot you want on your back

         Up to 90% less plumbing               Less plumbing, fewer glue joints and holes drilled in the shell     Worry and trouble free plumbing system

          Less exposed plumbing                                                   More insulation                                                      Lower energy bill

                 Less plumbing                                                           Less friction                                                             Powerful jets

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“...Hot Tub Place of Sacramento - Bullfrog spas delivered everything they promised. Their store, dealership, products, 

customer service and warm greetings are what made us buy their spa"...Jim and Lori

11255 Sunrise Gold Cir. #H

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

(916) 859-0511

(south of Hwy 50 on the eastside of Sunrise Blvd.)

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Two models to do a wet test in the comfort of our showroom.

 Bullfrog spas provide years of worry and trouble free service.

More hydrotherapy jet choices than any other hot tub.

The most energy efficient hot tub built.

916. 859.0511


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         Directions:   South of Highway 50 on the east side of Sunrise Blvd. Across the street from Home Depot.     

The owner of the 'Hot Tub Place of Sacramento' has over 17 years experience in the business of hot tubs and spas. We believe in supporting our customers and Sacramento community in as many ways possible. We are proud to be the valley's authorized Bullfrog Spa dealer.

Our experience with hot tubs began in our landscaping business in the 1990's. Hot tubs and spas were an accent in many of our projects. Because of our customers' desires for backyard tranquility over the years, we began to focus more and more on spas. We searched for the best products on the market and found it in Bullfrog! Make a point to stop by the showroom to see the difference. We will always make you feel at home!



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